Flemister House

Flemister House was founded in 1994 as a nonprofit (501 c3) organization to address the urgent problems of Special Needs and Homelessness that plagued New York City in the 90’s. It was then contracted by the NYC Human Resources Administration in conjunction with NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development to operate a congregate Supported Housing Program for low-income, homeless individuals who have a mix of the most pressing social needs and medical/health challenges.

For over 15 years, Flemister House has been providing safe and stable housing to its residents combined with supportive services while upholding their autonomy, dignity and welfare in a compassionate and supportive setting. The organization, through their Case Management team, coordinates all the services that their residents need along a continuum  of care to manage their life and their illness/health that help them achieve stability and reach their maximum potential to transition to greater personal growth and social development. This has empowered their residents to look into other opportunities, such as pursuit of vocational programs/higher education and employment opportunities, towards a productive and independent functioning to the fullest extent possible.

Their goals are to improve the quality of life of our residents, maintain their optimum health status and support their independent functioning.

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