Saturday, May 6, 2017 // Saint Paul Community Baptist Church, Brooklyn

Workshop Selections

All workshops are repeated in the morning and afternoon.

A.    Community Building
This workshop will help participants develop cultural awareness as to the underlying assumptions each of us bring to ministry that influences our perceptions/perspectives on relationships, teamwork, status, conflict, and feedback/criticism. Participants will be provided with tools, exercises, and role plays to equip them to be more intentional in building the congregation they want to experience.

Facilitator: Ms. Elizabeth Young, Founder, Interchange Consultants

B.    New Sanctuary Coalition, Immigrant Accompaniment Program
This workshop will enable participants to serve as volunteers with the New Sanctuary Coalition to accompany undocumented immigrants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement hearings. You will learn the skills needed to do be effective advocates for the immigrant community and develop appreciation for the importance of accompaniment in helping the immigrant community to minimize fear and maximize the chances for justice.

Facilitators: Rev. Dr. Karyn Carlo and Mr. Ravi Ragbir, New Sanctuary Coalition NYC

Download the Accompaniment Manual

C.    Crossing Boundaries, Becoming Neighbors
This workshop will provide a creative and constructive approach to fostering congregational diversity in a way that honors all members of the community and celebrates the unique gifts each brings to life and ministry together. It will examine the process of building a welcoming community—from cultivating congregational self-awareness and identity, to extending invitation and acceptance of one’s neighbors, to ultimately thriving together as one community.

Facilitator: Rev. Douglas Avilesbernal, Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Norristown, PA

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D.    Trust in God, not Developers
There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing that prey on vulnerable congregations. Some congregations have been subject to the often predatory practices of developers and realtors and have entered into contracts that are not in their best interest. This workshop, designed ideally for trustees and their pastors together, will provide legal perspectives to help a congregation protect itself when it is in the beginning stages of a development project. The legal and pastoral perspective of the workshop will help participants address needs such appraisals, monetizing real property for their highest and best use, understanding air rights, vetting professionals who will work with you, the benefits and limitations of establishing a new incorporation versus integrating a development project within the church, and other concerns participants may have.

Facilitator: Marvin Anderman, Esq., Fine, Olin & Anderman, LLP

E.    Crossing the Border to the Digital World in Faith Formation
At the end of this workshop, participants will have explored the role of “community” as it relates to faith formation in the 21st Century. What do we mean when we say community when there are so many communities? What are the implications to the ways we have understood Christian education? What are the applications in the now digital world? We’ve crossed the border!

Facilitators: Mr. David Castañeda, Education Development Center // Rev. Mayra Castañeda, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Westfield, NJ

F.    Discovering New Tools for Spirituality and Sexuality Education
This workshop will introduce a new sexuality and spirituality education resource for Youth Leaders and Pastors who want to offer insightful teaching for teens as well as support for parents who are seeking a better way to encourage youth in making healthy and moral decisions about sex and sexuality. This workshop will test the need for sexuality and spirituality learning tools coming from ABCMNY to help you th development leaders in this very sensitive area. Participation in this workshop will allow for preferential placement for those interested in further education when this new initiative officially begins (projected for 2018).

Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Mariah Britton, Interim Pastor, Devoe Street Baptist Church, Brooklyn

G.    (Clergy Only) The Preacher as Person: Rediscovering One’s Truest Self
This session will provide self-evaluation tools and exercises to help clergy examine the terrain of their soul to determine whether there are personal barriers hindering the emergence and flourishing of their best self. Clergy will explore plots and themes of their own story, review the images and messages that tell them whom they “Should be” or “Must act like” to fulfill a role, and be encouraged to move toward freedom and healing.

Facilitator: Rev. Dr. R. Neal Siler, Senior Pastor, First Shiloh Baptist Church, Mechanicsville, VA